American Airlines throws Muslim family off airborne flight

NN exclusive-

Several thousand kilometers above the Pacific Ocean, the Ahmad family reconsidered their decision to fly economy.  This trip had already been delayed by two iterations of the Muslim travel ban. Undeterred the family continued to seek Asylum from their native Syria. Citing unfavorable weather conditions, their application was ultimately rejected by the US. The family then turned to the Canadian embassy where they found immediate success.

Goodbyes were said to loved ones, and Facebook pictures were taken. Amidst a relentless onslaught of missiles the family left their home via Uber. The driver received a two star rating after taking the scenic route through active war zones. Shaken yet whole, they entered check-in at Damascus International Airport. Initial boarding upon an Air Canada flight passed with no incident. Before take-off, crucial flight personnel requested the family leave to make room for them. Air Canada insists the selection was random since it was between the Ahmad’s and “another Iraqi family.”

A transfer with American Airlines was arranged and all seemed well. Hours into the flight the pilot announced that the plane would have to land. Technical difficulties had left the plane without access to Wi-Fi. Air controllers warned that both pilots were at risk of being bored AF on the eight hour flight. With the promise of an early screening of Thor: Ragnarok they began their decent. Destination; a stopover at LAX.

Passengers were told to prepare proper documentation for landing. Father Aziz provided his refugee papers. Crew members deliberated and decided that the family was not authorized to land on American soil. Not wanting to attract more negative press, the decision was made to eject the family mid flight.

Opting out of a pat down

One by one, the Ahmad family began their unceremonious plummet. Several white passengers began objecting the airlines actions. Carol Picket, housewife and Buzzfeed reader decried the  behavior as, “not okay.” Resistance flamed out when passengers realized they wouldn’t be able to live stream the injustice for PC points. Mother Zakiyah Ahhamd remained defiant to the end. Clutching her nine-month old infant she warned that “America [would] pay for this.” Flight attendants then reminded her of American Airlines’ no refund policy.


The mangled corpses of the family were recovered off the coast of Santa Monica. Attempts to repatriate the bodies back to Syria remain unsuccessful. Officials point to the fact that the bodies were recovered on American sand. Therefore the government considers them “illegal immigrants.” For now remaining in indefinite holding. We at NiggaNews urge all brothers and sisters in Allah to remain safe. Institutions run by the white minds will always be dangerous for colored lives. A safety guideline for Syrians attempting to enter the West; don’t fly commercial.

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